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Why the name The Huna

Why is it called The Huna? While it would have been easy to call our ski masks “velcro ski masks,” we felt it important to give them a name equally as interesting and unique. Inspiration for the Huna was found not only from skiing, but from the places we have visited and learned from. Jessie and Andrew have often traveled to New Zealand, as they are avid travelers and enjoy fly fishing.      The Māori are the indigenous people of New Zealand, making up 15.6% of the population. Their culture is a primary part of Kiwi living, and their language is one of the three languages used in the country (English and New Zealand Sign Language being the other...

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How The Huna came about.....

Skiing and snowboarding have always been a big part of the family. From growing up as kids to having kids, each snowfall we will race to the mountain.  For us, there is nothing more exhilarating than speeding down the slopes, wind and snow blasting you down the hill.  Though with winter sports comes the equipment, which are often none too comfortable. Jessie, creator of The Huna, noticed that her husband Andrew and his daughters, Mykal and me (JJ), stopped wearing our neck warmers. Having background in cosmetology, she worried that our faces would get sun and wind burnt, especially after working with various clients who have dealt consequences. When she asked us why we stopped wearing our neck warmers, we...

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The Huna News Blog

Welcome to The Huna’s official blog! Check in here weekly for updates as to what we are up to. Whether it’s a new product in the works, or a trip around the world, you’ll find it here. As a team we hope to let you all get to know us better and why The Huna is what it is. Additionally, the blog will include our insights on a number of things; skiing and boarding, travel, outdoor exploration, etc. We hope to include posts on things you -- the customer, client, friend, relative, active spirit -- would like to hear about. Thank you for supporting our business locally or from around the world!    J.J.M.

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