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About Us

Wondering why we created The Huna? My husband and I are life long skiers/boarders. We love to ski! Our friends know if they want to see us in the winter they have to meet us on the mountain! 

 It all started when my husband would not wear neck warmers because he did not like the suffocating feeling and would just suffer through the cold instead. The girls would not wear them either because they wanted to wear their hair flowing outside their helmets, which is made nearly impossible with traditional style neck warmers, especially with a helmet!  Additionally, my background is in the cosmetology industry so I was consistently lecturing my clients about the importance of protecting their faces from the elements (cold and sun). Out of a desire to solve all these problems was born the original Huna. After my husband began using those first versions he loved them so much that now he will not ski without a Huna. He frequently comments about how it keeps him warm on cold days and protects his face on sunny days, although I’m fairly certain he likes everyone commenting about his Huna hanging from his helmet like a bandana. I think it has become his personal fashion statement. The girls love the ability to wear their hair out of their helmets and still keep their faces warm and protected. Today we laugh at our first generation Huna designs. Likely in several years we will chuckle at the current generation of Huna’s, as we are always looking for ways to be innovative and improve our products.

 Why the name? Well we didn’t want to just name it “The Mask” so we started researching possible catchy names. We love going to New Zealand to hike and fish. The natives of New Zealand speak the Māori language and in Māori the word Huna means mask. We jokingly started calling it “The Huna” and it stuck!